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Let's be honest

Ok, so let's be honest: I don't update this very much anymore. Which, for one, betrays the fact that I haven't been too interested in writing; and two, probably means that not many people come here anymore anyway. Gosh, I didn't even finish the subsequent two installments of my parents' trip that I promised. Um, sorry. Suffice it to say that we had a whole schwack of fun and adventure.

This isn't to say that there's not a lot going on; quite the contrary. I didn't write about my sister who had a baby in September, nor how I was at a great retreat in Nairobi before Christmas, after which I spent a week with Steve the White Kenyan who showed me around the city, after which I took another little trip for the remainder of the holidays. I'm now back in Burundi and am busy doing some exciting work for which I am often travelling upcountry to visit projects; Mr Joseph Ferretti is engaged, and it's now been confirmed that I'll be travelling home in August to join in the festivities. And that's not all.

What I will say, to my defense, is that I have been and will continue to regularly post photographs that I've been working on and that I'm rather proud of on my personal Flickr site, one every three days or so as long as I've been out shooting. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...

So, please, although this isn't a signing-off forever, I do invite you to continue (or begin) following my adventures in Burundi through my photos. (You can also add Flickr sites to your internet newsfeeds, if you do that sort of thing, to be notified whenever a new photo is up.) 


I'll leave you with the most recent shot I've posted, of a beautiful little boy waiting in the pouring rain with his mother to receive three goats at a distribution Help Channel did a few weeks ago. Through funds from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN, in one day we distributed 1200 goats to some of the poorest Burundians in Rutana Province! And of course, in the afternoon it began to pour...